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At-Night Aligners

The All-Day plan can straighten your teeth in as little as 3 months.

Introducing the most convenient way to straighten your teeth while you sleep. *Upon Doctor Approval of mild cases

Byte’s All-Day Aligners with HyperByte® give you faster treatment times than most other options out there, overseen and supervised by a certified Australian dentist.

Hey, we get it. You don’t want to wear aligners all day. Now, you don’t have to. Just put your aligners in at night, and take them out again in the morning when you’re ready to face the world.

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Why Byte?

When used with the HyperByte® as instructed, your treatment will be completed in up to half the time than most other options out there. For example, if your plan would have been 6 months with our competitor, you'd be done in 3 months with byte.

Your smile is your own, and it’s made up of more than just your teeth. With our Smile Science, we check out the proportions of your face from numerous photographs, and then only after considering your facial features, lips, and overall symmetry, do we design a smile that fits you perfectly.

All of our treatment plans are reviewed and approved by a certified Australian dentist. With monthly check-ins, and ability to upload your progress through your Byte account, you'll always have a doctor ensuring your treatment is tracking properly.

Why Byte at Night?

Using medical-grade, grind resistant polymer material, Byte at Night is able to give you the convenience of less wear time with a minimum of 10+ continuous hours nightly. The laser trimmed BPA-free material is slightly thicker, and when used with the HyperByte® accelerates treatment time and helps reduce any discomfort.

High-Frequency Vibration using our exclusive HyperByte® device to work specifically with our new thicker material of your Byte at Night aligners to get you done faster than other night time aligner options out there!

Designed for people with busy lifestyles who can't afford to worry about popping aligners in and out throughout the day. Byte at Night aligners are designed and manufactured to be worn while you sleep.

All of our treatment plans are reviewed and approved by a certified Australian dentist. With monthly check-ins, and ability to upload your progress through your Byte account, you'll always have a doctor ensuring your treatment is tracking properly.

What to expect.

1. 22 hour daytime wear.

1. 10+ hour continuous wear.

‍‍Only to be removed when eating or drinking, your Byte aligners are designed to be worn at least 22 hours a day.

Our At-Night aligners use thicker material designed to move your teeth while you sleep.

2. HyperByte for 5 min a day.

2. HyperByte for 10+ min a day.

HyperByte works with your Byte aligners for fast results and reduced discomfort.

HyperByte works with your At-Night aligners for fast results and reduced discomfort.

3. 3-4 Month Average Treatment.

3. 5-6 Month Estimated Treatment.

‍‍Faster results with only 3-4 months until your smile is right where you want it.

Byte at Night provides fast treatment results in a night time aligner, with more convenience.

In their own words.

video reviews

  • “Quick, natural and surprising. After the third aligner, it was easy to see results.”

    Ariana A.

  • “The Impression Kit was super easy. It came to my house, instructions were simple and it only took a few minutes.”

    Veronika P.

  • “I would recommend Byte because it’s easy, it can work for a lot of different problems and it worked for me.”

    Jordan W.

  • “Plug and play...put them in and you’re on track to having straight teeth, it’s that easy.”

    Andy B.


About 4-6 weeks. To make it happen ASAP, send your impressions back quickly, fill out your account centre info and upload your photos. This all helps us move it along.
You’ll get a cheek stretcher and photo instructions in your Impression Kit. Follow the instructions, then log into your Byte account to upload your photos. If you’re having trouble figuring it out, you can email them to us. And you can always call us for help.
Don’t worry! Our Impression Kit gives you 2 chances to do your top and bottom impressions. However, if you do end up running in to a problem with your impressions, we’ll send out another kit, all you have to do is cover shipping. If you are worried about doing your impressions, you can always contact our amazing professional care team for additional tips!


Byte at Night straightens your teeth while you sleep, and only requires 10 hrs of wear time. Specifically calibrated with the HyperByte®, and using proprietary polyurethane (BPA free) grind proof material, Byte at Night is designed to be worn for shorter periods of time, with the same amazing outcomes as our daytime aligners.
Our At-Night aligners are made of BPA-free, medical-grade, polymer material. Laser trimmed to be slightly thicker than our day aligners, this premium option is grind-proof and calibrated to work with the HyperByte® for the same fast, incredible results.
Byte at Night is great if you want to avoid wearing your aligners during your daytime activities. This premium option works its magic while you sleep, allowing you to go about your daytime routine as normal without having to take them out every time you need to eat or drink colored drinks. *Doctor approval required for nighttime wear.
Byte at Night is our premium option that takes all of the same benefits of our daytime system but has a wear-time of only 10 hours at night, leaving you free to all of your normal daytime activities.

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