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High Frequency

HyperByte® uses High Frequency Vibrations or (HFV) a vibration-based therapy that orthodontists have sold to patients for years. HFV uses soft micropulses that transmit through the roots of the teeth to the surrounding bone. Studies have shown, this gentle vibration can reduce discomfort, and help seat your aligners around your teeth better. This causes better aligner traction, more accurate teeth movement, and much faster treatment times. HyperByte is our very own HFV device that we include it free in every treatment plan.

  • Up to 64% increase in the rate of tooth movement. *
  • FDA cleared as a Class II medical device.
  • Reduces discomfort.
  • Use only 5 min a day.

*Data on file


Flat, C-shaped mouthpieces are designed with your comfort in mind.


Vibration therapy transmits soft micro-pulses (think softer than a power toothbrush) through the roots of your teeth to the surrounding bone.


Those vibrations don’t just seat your aligners to safely move your teeth more accurately. They also increase cellular activity for faster treatment.


What’s in the box?


Your FDA cleared HyperByte comes ready to use on your first day of aligner wear.

  • HFV oscillating base.
  • Super soft Byte mouthpiece.
  • Intuitive LED light notifications.
  • Fast charging USB cord.


High Frequency Vibration works.

...Hundreds of patients who have used (HFV) comment that they either feel less discomfort or don’t feel pain when switching aligners every 5 to 7 days.

- Orthodontic Practice Magazine,
November 2017

It can be hypothesised that a vibration device operating in the high frequency range would likely be most effective in creating orthodontic tooth movement as well as offering shorter wear times impacting compliance.

- Dental Tribute Magazine, 2016

HyperByte FAQ

You can, but the recommended use is five minutes, once a day.
It’s a different kind of sensation that you might not be used to, but it’s designed to ramp up to full vibration, so it eases you in gradually. Most people get used to it after a few five-minute sessions.
Not much. Just bite down gently on the mouthpiece during use. Don’t bite down any harder than you need to to hold onto the device.
Whenever you want. Or whenever you have five minutes to do it. A lot of people do it as part of their morning or nightly routine, so they don’t forget.
Keep HyperByte charged using the charging case and wall plug. If the LED indicator does not light up red when connected to the base, check the connection. If it’s properly plugged in to wall power using the provided HyperByte USB cord, contact us for assistance.
No. Please keep your HyperByte dry.
If the LED indicator does not light up red when placed in the case, check the case’s power connection. If it’s properly plugged in to wall power using the provided HyperByte USB cord, contact us for assistance.
Yes, keep those aligners in while you do it.
Please do not dispose of your HyperByte device, even at the end of treatment. HyperBytes will not be issued if a patient has to go back into refinements.

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