Our Guarantees To You

In addition to our obligations under the Australian Consumer Law, we offer the following guarantees. Please read the information below carefully to ensure that you follow the process to qualify for each guarantee.

Impression Kit Guarantee

Byte’s mission is to make people smile more, every day. One way we make you smile is through our impression kit guarantee. When you buy an impression kit, a team of professionals assess your impressions and photos (if provided) to decide whether they can create a treatment plan that works well for you. If our team determines you are not suitable for treatment, we will refund the price you paid for your impression kit.

Aligner Guarantee

To get the desired outcome from your treatment, you must use aligners as instructed, including:

  • Wear your aligners for the specified duration each day.
  • If you are using our HyperByte product, use it as instructed.
  • Provide progress photos when requested.
  • Keep all of your aligners (in the protective sleeve provided) until your treatment is complete, just in case you need to revert to a previous aligner during the treatment review process or when an aligner needs to be replaced.

After completing your initial treatment, our team will evaluate your progress by consulting with you and assessing photos you provide. If the team assesses that your teeth require refinement or correction to be aligned as per your original treatment plan, and you have followed these guidelines and our instructions for use of the aligners, you will be eligible for additional aligners for no extra cost. To request further treatment under the Aligner Guarantee you must contact us within 15 days of your original prescribed treatment end date.

What is the Byte for life™ guarantee

If your teeth move out of alignment after you complete your initial treatment, Byte will provide additional Impression Kits, and new alignment treatment plans with aligners to help correct any misalignment issues subject to the following requirements and limitations.

  • Our team of professionals, will evaluate your claim, including whether your teeth have moved out of alignment compared to the end-point of your original treatment, whether you meet the criteria specified in these terms, and whether you are suitable for further treatment. This may include seeking photographs and further information from you to enable them to assess your claim. If they determine that your teeth have not moved out of alignment, that you do not meet the requirements for this guarantee, or that you are unsuitable for further treatment, then the guarantee will not apply.
  • This guarantee applies to the teeth originally involved in your Byte treatment plan. It does not cover any teeth that have been affected by physical outside circumstances, trauma, that are missing, have been affected by any other dental or orthodontic treatment outside of your Byte treatment, or teeth that have changed due to other health reasons.
  • You must confirm in writing that you followed your original treatment plan and used a retainer as directed.
  • You must:
    • purchase retainers from Byte or another source (so long as you keep valid proof of purchase for all retainers not purchased from Byte); and
    • provide proof of purchase of retainers from other sources on request; and
    • as part of any claim for the guarantee, confirm in writing that you have used your retainers as directed. Additional HyperByte devices are not included.

For further information about faulty products or refunds, please see our Cancellation and Refund Policy