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It’s time to own your smile.

byte is for the self-assured, the courageous, the people who are comfortable in their own skin and who are getting after it.

Can you relate? Good. Because that’s why we created byte. It’s an invisible aligner system that gets you your perfectly personalized smile, without the ridiculous costs and endless headaches of going to the orthodontist.

Your teeth are unique to you. If they’re crooked and in the way of you doing you, let’s fix them.

It isn’t expensive and we designed our system so you can stay home and get the same professional attention and aesthetic skill as Hollywood celebs. You make smart choices, byte is just another one.

Minimal hassle + maximum benefit = happy people winning at life.

That’s what we’re about.
A Hollywood smile with Smile Science

We treat your mouth to Smile Science an exclusive process that our top cosmetic dental professionals use to craft a smile that works beautifully with your features.

Faster results with HyperByte

Cut your treatment time in half with HyperByte. For example, if your treatment time was 6 months, you could be done in 3.

Everyone deserves to own their smile

That’s why we created byte cares - an effort to build confidence throughout our communities, one smile at a time. Our goal is to give 10,000 people a smile of their own for those that can’t otherwise access treatment by 2022.

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