The BrightByte™ Pro whitening kit is here to make sure your smile is gleaming—whenever and wherever.

Enjoy the perfect complement

Enjoy the perfect complement to a bright and healthy smile. LED technology, a comfortable mouth tray design, and an easy-applicator gel make whitening your teeth at home or on-the-go a no-brainer.

4 tips for better results

Prep your teeth

BBPro tips 1

Gently pat your teeth dry before applying the whitening gel. This will help you to get even coverage

Customize your treatment

BBPro tips 2

Once LED whitening is completed, rinse your mouth and the LED tray, then enjoy the optional massage treatment or red light recovery treatment.

Clean your LED tray

BBPro tips 3

Rinsing your mouth tray after each use will keep things fresh and prevent unwanted gel build-up. You’ll want to trust us on this one.

Track your results

BBPro tips 4

Have the shade guide handy to see before and after progress. And don't forget to share your results with @byteofficial_au.

Same you. Brighter smile.

Same you.
Brighter smile.

This could be you! See results in as little as 1-2 weeks of daily treatment using the BrightByte Pro whitening kit1. Ready to share your pearly whites? Tag @byteofficial_au and use #mybytejourney on social to show us your results2.

BrightByte Pro - Same you. Brighter smile. Media


Carbamide (urea) peroxide-based whitening agents is an effective treatment that is commonly used in dental offices.

Whitening gel is to not be applied directly to gums or on the inside of lips, as this may create discomfort or irritation in the applied area. If tooth sensitivity occurs, modes 3 and 4 on the wireless mouthpiece may help reduce discomfort after whitening. If sensitivity continues, you may be able to reduce total time or frequency of use. In severe cases where sensitivity worsens or irritation occurs, discontinue use, and contact Byte Support or your dentist.

You should limit use to 10-16 minutes once every day. Increased use will likely cause teeth sensitivity.

Results will likely become noticeable after one week of daily use. However, whitening may appear more gradual if your teeth were already mostly white before treatment.

We recommend waiting to eat or drink until at least 30 minutes after using your BrightByte Pro whitening kit.

Brush away! We recommend a gentle brushing after your treatment—just to rinse off the excess whitening gel.

Our products are not suitable for whitening veneers or other dental restorations.

Yes! No need to quit your favorite beverages. When used regularly, BrightByte™ Pro can reduce the appearance of surface-level stains caused by daily habits.

No. Remove your aligners before using the BrightByte™ Pro to whiten your teeth. Whiten for up to 16 minutes, rinse with water, then pop your aligners back in. Be sure to wear your aligners as directed for best results.

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