How to make a good impression.

STOP: Read these instructions all the way through before starting or watch the video. Make sure to grab your kit, a mirror, and your phone timer.

*For best results, return your impressions within 7 days of taking them*


When taking impressions it’s most important to:

Before you Begin

Try it on for size.

Put the empty tray in your mouth first so you know how they feel/fit. Don’t mix that impression putty, until you’re ready with your trays.

Mixing Putty

Mix it quick.

This putty hardens quickly! Don’t mix the putty for longer than 30 seconds, and take your impressions immediately after. Only mix the putty for one tray at a time.

Impression Time

Bite hard. Bite fast.

Push your teeth all the way into the putty. Almost all the way through. Most bad impressions come from not biting hard and deep enough.

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