Byte for teens.

The alternative to braces that’s shockingly affordable and convenient. Consider photo day saved. You can thank us later.

Works great for ages 13 and older.

Teens that have lost all their baby teeth, and have all of their adult teeth in, are ready for Byte! Mild to moderate spacing and crowding can be solved in months rather than years. Once your dentist or orthodontist gives the green light on treatment, we are here to make it all easy!

Shockingly affordable.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional braces or Invisalign, Byte will actually save you cash and some embarrassment. This may be the first thing you and your parents can agree on all year long.

Skip the office visits completely.

Juggling work, school, sports, and the unpredictable things life throw at you can be impossible. Why worry about months of orthodontists appointments if you can work with Byte’s Expert Dental Network remotely? No visits, total flexibility.

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The reviews speak for themselves.

  • I didn’t want to wear traditional braces. I chose Byte because the aligners were not as visible as traditional braces and I could easily take them off. I am no longer afraid to smile in pictures!

  • I would ABSOLUTELY recommend byte! It was painless, easy and the best experience I could’ve asked for. Byte gave me confidence! I won’t be afraid to smile, laugh or talk to people.

  • We could not afford 5,000 dollars for braces. I was excited for a lower cost option. My teeth were straightened in 15 weeks instead of the two years estimated by the orthodontist for braces.

  • Byte helped me reach so many goals! It’s such an important and attainable goal!

  • I’m so excited to change my smile with Byte!

  • I feel so lucky to have found byte because the thought of braces was terrifying! You guys have helped me so much.

How Byte stacks up.

Most affordable
Includes HyperByte for fast results
No office visits
Guaranteed for life
Easier oral hygiene
Removable for sports/activities
Treats extreme orthodontic cases
Australian registered dentists

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SEP 17, 2020

Top 5 questions parents have Byte for teens.

Byte aligners can be a great option for teens — they’re practically invisible, allow you to eat anything you normally would, and are shockingly affordable. But alas, being a parent is tough, and so is the decision of how to handle your child’s orthodontics.

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SEP 17, 2020

Byte or braces for teens?

You knew this time would come. The dentist appointment where the doctor finally says “your teenager’s ready for braces, it’s time to call the orthodontist!” Most parents have been there.

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JUL 1, 2020

It just got more affordable to upgrade your smile (Byte vs SDC).

News Alert! New, lowered price: $1895. Your smile is priceless. But it shouldn’t break the bank. Now, at $1895, with no down payment needed, and $83/month financing options available, there’s no competition. Our prices Read more

MAY 3, 2020

Here’s how you can afford Byte.

Your poor bank account. It gives and gives, and it asks so little in return. If you’re worried about tapping it for one more expense, we understand. But we’d like to challenge you a bit. We cost a lot less than the competition — under $1,900. And let’s face it. Read more

MAY 12, 2020

Byte’s expert dental network.

So how do we do it? Byte’s secret sauce is the 200+ licensed dental professionals in our nationwide network. That means no matter what state you live in, Byte has you covered. Real people, real doctors. Safe and effective teledentistry requires comprehensive doctor directed care. under $1,900. And let’s face it. Read more

APR 12, 2019

This is how much invisible aligners should actually cost you.

A great smile is priceless. But let’s get real. Money is tight. You can’t afford to spend more than you absolutely need to. On average, teeth aligners or braces cost $5,600 without insurance. Teledentistry requires comprehensive doctor directed care. under $1,900. And let’s face it.Read more

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