Teeth aligners and straightening options in Sydney

7 February 2022

You're looking for a way to straighten your teeth and boost your smile. You want a therapy that is available in Sydney. And you don't want to pay too much for it. We have good news for you.


Effective, inexpensive, at-home aligner therapy is available right here in Sydney. You can start treatment — and stay in touch with an orthodontics expert who is managing your care — without ever leaving your house.

How does teeth straightening with aligners work?

Your Sydney treatment plan will be similar to the program followed by people worldwide. The experts at Byte make it easy.


Your plan looks like this:

  1. Assess: An Australian dentist assesses your impression kit and creates a treatment plan. You review that program together.
  2. Align: Wear clear aligners as specified in your plan.
  3. Augment: Use HyperByte, our special tool, to speed up your care. Gentle vibrations move your teeth faster, and they make your trays fit better too.
  4. Swap: Schedule how you’ll switch out your trays on a schedule your Australian dentist sets.
  5. Smile: Look in the mirror and be proud!


Aligners have been proven effective when used properly under a professional's guidance.1 Trust the treatment plans we offer at Byte to give you the smile you've always wanted.

6 conditions aligners treat

Dentists once used aligners for simple problems only. That's not the case today.2 There are many issues you may be facing with your teeth in Sydney that can be addressed with at-home aligners.

1.    Crowding: Are your teeth so close together that you struggle to floss and brush? Do you get bits of food stuck between your teeth? Can you see the edges of many of your teeth? Aligners could help.

2.    Gapping: Are there spaces between your teeth? Do you make whistling noises when you talk? Have people mentioned that your teeth are too far apart? Aligners could help.

3.    Overbite: Is there a big gap between your upper and lower teeth when your mouth is closed? Do you have problems biting into food because your teeth don't touch properly? Do your jaw muscles ache because of your teeth? Aligners could help.

4.    Underbite: Do your lower jaws extend in front of your upper jaws? Are your teeth chipped and cracked because they hit and scrape one another? Do your muscles and tendons feel sore and stretched? Aligners could help.

5.    Crossbite: Do your teeth come together in unexpected ways? Do some lower teeth come in front of your upper teeth when your mouth is closed? Do you feel like your teeth are fighting one another? Aligners could help.

6.    Periodontal disease: Are your teeth decaying because they don't fit together properly? Are your gums sore and bleeding? Does your doctor say you need help to get infections under control? Aligners are proven to help.3

Understand aligner costs in Sydney

If you've considered conventional braces and are worried about the price, we have good news. At-home aligners from Byte can save you money.


Traditional metal braces can cost you $4,500 to $8,500. Aligners from your dentist can cost up to $9,000. Aligners from Byte start at $2,749.


The money you save is yours to keep. And the happy smile can last a lifetime.

Aligners vs. braces: which is best?

Not convinced that aligners are the best bet for Sydney families? Let's break down the benefits.



Aligners from Byte



$2,749 Day, $3339 Night

$4,500 ­– $8,500

Treatment time



Dental hygiene

Easy: Take out the trays to brush.

Hard: Special equipment is required, and even then, you can't floss.


Mild discomfort as your teeth move.

Moderate discomfort when wires are tightened. Significant discomfort as soft tissues (like cheeks) are scraped by wires and brackets.

Where to get at-home aligners in Sydney

No need to make an appointment, get in your car, or walk into a clinic. Do all of your smile-straightening work in your home.


Start with an Impression Kit today, and we'll get to work on giving you the smile you always wanted.


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