What you can expect during your byte treatment

16 March 2019

You know byte moves your teeth. That’s the easy part. But what’s it like to use byte every day? Were glad you asked. Heres what to expect.

You’ll see into the future (sorta).

What will your teeth look like when you’re done? Throw out your crystal ball. We’ll tell you.

You’ll send us tooth impressions and photos when you sign up. An Orthodontist then will review your data and create a 3D model of your current and better smile. We’ll give you a copy (you’re welcome!).
Need a little motivation to stick to treatment? Just pull up that model. You can track your progress to a better smile too.
You’ll have a new fashion accessory.

Every moment of every day and night. Thats how often you’ll wear your aligners. If youre not eating or drinking, those guards will sit on top of your teeth.

Theyre clear, so no one will see them. Dont worry. And youll get used to wearing them too.

Every time you take them out, youre letting your teeth go back to their bad habits. Resist the temptation. Wear your aligners all the time for best results.

You’ll know where all the sinks are.

Remember that bit about eating and drinking? Before food and drinks slide into your mouth, your aligners should come out. And before you put them back, theyll need a rinse.

It will become routine. Youll step away from the table, walk to the bathroom, run that tap, and come back. No one will even notice. But its not a step you can skip.‍

Your toothbrush might get jealous.

Brushing your pearly whites just got a bit more complicated. In addition to your regular brushing routine, you’ll need to use BrightByte tooth-whitening foam cleaner. Just squirt the foam into your aligners after eating and throughout the day to keep your mouth fresher and whiter.

Clean aligners mean less cloudiness. So, its pretty critical.

You’ll watch the calendar.

You wont wear the same aligner throughout your whole treatment. That would hurt your teeth too much. Instead, you take baby steps toward that better smile with new aligners.

With HyperByte, you’ll change your aligners every week.

HyperByte is our exclusive acceleration device that cuts down your treatment time by half. That means skipping HyperByte means adds an extra week to your time. Everyone wants to go faster, right? Thats why it’s best to use that technology.

No matter what you choose, you’ll need to watch your calendar. Changing your aligners at the right time means a smoother path to the best smile.

Pain is part of the gain.

Moving from one aligner to another—rather than moving your teeth all at once—cuts back on discomfort. But heres the sad part: The pain isn’t all the way gone.

Your teeth are moving, and they don’t like that. But that pain is good. It means your treatment is really working.

It’s nothing a little Tylenol shouldn’t knock back. And it shouldn’t last for more than a few days as you adjust to a new aligner.

The HyperByte can help too. Vibration helps to soothe your angry nerve endings, and that can make you feel a whole lot better.

But we don’t expect severe pain. If its that bad, call us. We’ll help.‍

You’ll have a new pajama pal.

When your byte treatment is complete, you’ll wear retainers. We know, we know. You thought you’d be done with wearing things when you got your better smile. But retainers are pretty important.

Without a little reminder, your teeth will move back to their former positions. That smile you love can fade away again.

In the first two weeks after treatment, you’ll wear your retainer all the time. After that, it will be your nighttime accessory only.

You’ll skip the waiting room.

Who has time to wait? Not you. We understand. That’s why we cut out the visits with the byte system.

The whole plan was developed by dental experts. Your progress will be supervised by professionals. But you won’t have to meet them in person. No stuffy waiting rooms for you. Spend your free time working on whatever you want.

Ready to get started?

Stop reading. Start doing. Contact us to find out how to get this whole thing moving. You don’t need to make an appointment or see a dentist.

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